About us


Interactive Productline IP AB was founded in Sweden 2003. Our objective is to develop and sell easy understandable EEG-products that train the ability to relax and focus.

Mindball Game was launched during spring 2003. Mindball Game is a two persons' game controlled by the players' brain waves. The player being most relaxed wins the game. Mindball Game is based on a concept (Brainball) invented by The Interactive Institute which is a cross scientific research institute, working within the areas of IT, art and digital media.

Mindball Trainer was launched during autumn 2006. Mindball Trainer is a training device controlled by one player's brain waves. The goal is to train the ability to obtain a relaxed and focused stated of mind. A state of mind that, after some training, can be obtained in other situations.

Our mission: We will contribute to people's mental health by making EEG biofeedback training easy and fun.

Our vision: Mindball will be the brand that people think about when EEG biofeedback is mentioned.