Mindball Multiplayer is a teambuilding accessory which enables you to play Mindball Game three against three. You can also let someone challenge the team by playing one against three. The Alpha and Theta waves are measured for each one of the competitors; a mean value is calculated and compared to the result from the opponent side. The measurement, the calculations and the movement of the ball all occurs in real time just as when you play Mindball Game one against one.

Mindball Multiplayer consists of two electronic adaptors and six headbands. You connect the adaptor to the ordinary headband socket at each side of Mindball Game.

If you have a Mindball Multiplayer box connected to one headband socket of Mindball Game you must connect all three headbands to the Mindball Multiplayer box. You must also have a head in each headband when the game is on in order to get a correct result.

Mindball spare Headbands can be purchased by customers from our distributors or the main office. The headbands are available in Neoprene, vinyl or leather.


Mindball Trainer Flight Case is perfect if you need to move your Mindball Trainer from one location to another in an easy and safe way.