Mindball Play

What is Mindball Play?

Mindball Play is a fun software-based racing game that you install on your computer. The game comes in two versions; one where you control the ball with traditional input: a keyboard or gamepad. That version is sold at Steam and Nintendo. The other version of Mindball Play is controlled by your focus, using a headband that reads your brainwaves. That version is presented at this web site and produced uniquely for Science Centers and the likes.

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In Mindball Play for Science Centers you can play by yourself or against another person, competing in who has the highest focus. Focus is measured via sensors on a headband that is connected to the software via Bluetooth.
The software will start automatically when someone puts on the headband. It then chooses a random track and starts the race once the connection between the software and the headband is good.

Key Features

Brain Racing

Connect and enable the wireless headband to move the ball with your brain. High and stable focus will move the ball along the track to eventually cross the finish line, but be careful not to get too excited! Lose your focus and you lose control over the ball too.

Focus Result

After each race you will see a graph on your focus performance.

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The Headband

The headband is wireless but there is a dedicated hole in the leather enclosure which you can use for a string or the like to attach the headband at a fixed place of your choice nearby your computer