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Bug fixes, Pick-ups and Menu Tweeks

Changes in version 0.17.1

  • New track Party On Pluto replaces track Pluto Infinity for non-headband play.
  • Party On Pluto is also available for network games.
  • Option to enable/disable all pick-ups added.
  • Friction boosts and ghost mode are now gained via pick-ups.
  • Pick-up type shown with icons instead of text.
  • Pick-up icons now work in split screen.
  • A few more split screen fixes.
  • More ball skins added. May become unlockable later on, but unlocked for now.
  • Game start countdown text has a new look.
  • Hide race position when there is only 1 player on track.
  • Ghost mode particle effects tweaked.
  • Some menu tweaks and fixes.
  • Minor menu background changes.
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