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Less Slippery Oil and Bug Fixes

Changes in version 0.17.3

  • Fixed FPS drop near pickup-boxes.
  • Slipstream speed boost now works again.
  • Pick-up interaction changes and fixes.
  • Ball is in ghost-mode for 2 seconds after reset.
  • Ball in ghost-mode now ignores lasers and pick-ups.
  • Pick-ups can no longer be activated when ball is being reset.
  • Split-screen games now wait for both players to finish.
  • Resolution options added to graphics settings.
  • Fixed bug where the finish GUI showed the wrong position.
  • Oil is now a little less slippery.
  • Air-jump bug removed.
  • Fixed missing restart button in network games.
  • Fixed wrong camera rotation when restarting a level.
  • Fixed some network issues with minimap, moving lasers and pick-ups.
  • Misc menu fixes.


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Full Game Pad Support and Bug Fixes

Changes in version 0.17.2

  • Gamepad menu fixes. We now have full gamepad support.
  • Computer opponents can now use pick-ups.
  • Max number of computer opponents increased to 19.
  • Fixed balls colliding before start of race.
  • Ball falls off track less when playing with headband and focus is low.
  • Fixed bug triggered by bad bluetooth connection to headband.
  • Headband settings can now be changed while in a race.
  • Minimap now works in multi-lap races.
  • Fixed some issues on track Laser Control.
  • Fixes for ball AI on track Accelerator and Solar.
  • Jump-pad double force bug fixed.
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Pick Ups and Control Mapping

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Hands free play with Mindball Play

Changes in version 0.16.1

A focused headband play update launched at Steam Early Access.

  • Dedicated headband menu added. All you need to know about playing with headband is now found under one button at the main menu.
  • Two new tracks;

Trainer (will be renamed to Warm Up Highway in the next version) is intended as a get-to-know-how-it-works-track. It’s straight forward and have no Power Ups.

Pluto Infinity is an infinity track, but for now set to four laps. A bit more tricky training before you launch to the standard tracks competing with ghost balls or other player – perhaps using a game pad to beat your focus.

  • New headband in-game help messages when you seem to need them.
  • Headband focus indicator improved, hope you’ll find it useful.
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Mindball Play Major update 0.16

Mindball Play escapes outside!

  • 2 new tracks – quite different in layout from the previous ones.
    Skyscraper up on the roof of a skyscraper and Solar in a hot race in the desert.
  • major parts of Conveyor is redesigned.
  • slipstream speed boost added.
  • we have also added a Speedometer.
  • the AI ball is harder.
  • specific headband update;

Major changes to the code that runs the (AI) ball’s response of the input (your focus).

Headband key is required. You’ll get the key if you buy the headband at our web site – only.

You’ll find a new focus/relaxation indicator down to the right by the new speedometer.