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Hands free play with Mindball Play

Changes in version 0.16.1

A focused headband play update launched at Steam Early Access.

  • Dedicated headband menu added. All you need to know about playing with headband is now found under one button at the main menu.
  • Two new tracks;

Trainer (will be renamed to Warm Up Highway in the next version) is intended as a get-to-know-how-it-works-track. It’s straight forward and have no Power Ups.

Pluto Infinity is an infinity track, but for now set to four laps. A bit more tricky training before you launch to the standard tracks competing with ghost balls or other player – perhaps using a game pad to beat your focus.

  • New headband in-game help messages when you seem to need them.
  • Headband focus indicator improved, hope you’ll find it useful.
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