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Less Slippery Oil and Bug Fixes

Changes in version 0.17.3

  • Fixed FPS drop near pickup-boxes.
  • Slipstream speed boost now works again.
  • Pick-up interaction changes and fixes.
  • Ball is in ghost-mode for 2 seconds after reset.
  • Ball in ghost-mode now ignores lasers and pick-ups.
  • Pick-ups can no longer be activated when ball is being reset.
  • Split-screen games now wait for both players to finish.
  • Resolution options added to graphics settings.
  • Fixed bug where the finish GUI showed the wrong position.
  • Oil is now a little less slippery.
  • Air-jump bug removed.
  • Fixed missing restart button in network games.
  • Fixed wrong camera rotation when restarting a level.
  • Fixed some network issues with minimap, moving lasers and pick-ups.
  • Misc menu fixes.


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