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Mindball story

Mindball Game

Back in October 2002 researchers at the Swedish Interactive Institute had created a prototype for a game where you moved a physical ball along a track, using your brain waves alone and won by being more relaxed than your opponent. Fascinated and intrigued by the game and its potential we acquired the rights to develop a product from it. A few months later we sold our first Mindball Game. Our customers are science centers, with the goal to teach and entertain children. PR companies have used Mindball Game to attract interest to an event or a product. Coca Cola, Nike, BBC and the likes are also Mindball customers. Mindball Game is still in production today with updated graphics and hundreds of customer design versions available.

Mindball Play

Over the years, millions of people have played Mindball Game and so many of them have wished for a Mindball of their own. Now we are making their wish come true; in the fall of 2016 we launched a beta version of Mindball Play, a fast, exciting and challenging race game. Shave seconds off your time trail or play against friends using the power ups to craft your racing strategy. Training your focus has never been more fun. Keep focused while the race escalates to a battle of minds.

Mindball – Taking your gaming to a new level!

Lunching a digital full-scale racing game with the possibility to move the ball with brain power and thus train the ability to focus, we aim for e-sports training to better performance at competitions and also help kids at schools get better grades.

You can also play the game with a game pad or a keyboard and we’ve recently added Tobii eyetracker so now you can also control the game with only your eyes.

Focus Matters!