Mindball story

Mindball Game

Back in October 2002 researchers at the Swedish Interactive Institute had created a prototype for a game where you moved a physical ball along a track, using your brain waves alone and won by being more relaxed than your opponent. Fascinated and intrigued by the game and its potential we acquired the rights to develop a product from it. A few months later we sold our first Mindball Game.

Our customers are science centers, with the goal to teach and entertain children. PR companies have used Mindball Game to attract interest to an event or a product. Coca Cola, Nike, BBC, MIT US Military Academy are also Mindball customers.

Previous customers come back for a second or even third Mindball Game. New customers tell us “Now we want a Mindball Game too”. After almost 20 years on the market, Mindball Game is still selling.

Mindball Play

Some customers couldn’t afford a Mindball Game, so we developed Mindball Play. Still moving a ball just by being focused but now based on a software version. Two Bluetooth connected headbands and a software installed on the customer’s computer. Play by yourself or compete with a friend. 11 different tracks brings variation to the game.


Over the years more than 10 million people (yes, we’ve counted) have tested our Mindball Products. So many of them have asked for a “Mindball at home”. Finally we can offer them that. Have a look at Mentalytics here.

Focus Matters!