Headband – How does it work?

Headband – How does it work?

The Technique

Your brain sends out electrical signals, all the time, without interruption. The technique used for reading (and presenting) the electrical signals from the brain is called EEG, (Electro Encephalo Graphics). Scientists have identified that you produce high amplitude and a great amount of electrical signals within a specified frequency when you are focused. We use this technique and that knowledge in our Mindball Products.

Make sure that “Use Headband” is checked in SETTINGS/HEADBAND in the game. Click any interaction possibilties you want to use and close the Settings (will save your settings and close the window).

Choose the type of game and track you want to play on the main menu. The headband will now calibrate your headband. Please follow the instructions on the screen. When the bar is filled the calibration is done and the game starts.

The headband

The headbands we use for moving the ball in Mindball Play picks up the electrical signals from your brain and forwards them via Bluetooth to the PC/Mac/Smart device.

The output from our algorithm gives to what extent you are focused and relaxed. We use that value to steer the ball; on track, off track, slow or fast.

You will also get feedback from the combined focus/speedometer placed down to the right. The waves coming from behind the meter tells you to what extent you are relaxed – green waves are good, red ones are not. The size of the ball (that is given your player color) tells you to what extent you are focused – big ball is good, small ball is not.


  • What benefits do I have from playing with headband?
    When you have learned to recognize this focused feeling and learned how to maintain it – through the feedback you get from the game – you will be able to retrieve that feeling in other situations when you need to be focused.
  • What should I focus on?
    There is no way to see from the brain wave pattern what you are focused on; just whether you are focused or not. So what you focus on would be up to you to choose. Finding your way of how you reach and maintain your focus is one purpose of playing Mindball Play with headband. The game gives you feedback in terms of the ball’s speed (good focus = high speed) and the capability to stay on track.
  •  I have difficulties in reaching a good focus, what can I do?There is no general method that works for everyone on how to find your own focus but try to take a deep breath and try to exclude every distracting thought and focus on one single thought.
    You can also lower the headband difficulty level in SETTINGS/HEADBAND