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Mindball – The very first game in the world played with your brain waves! 

About 40 million people around the globe have played the classic Mindball; a table where you move a physical ball trying to score on your opponent with brain power alone just by being focused. So many of them have wished they could have a Mindball of their own. Finally, we can make their dream come true with the video game Mindball Play!

The new Mindball is a ground-breaking version of the previous success product. A racing game where you move a ball along different sci-fi tracks just by being focused. All you need is the game and a headband which picks up the electrical brain waves and sends them to the game via Bluetooth. The better you focus the faster the ball will race to the goal.


Developer and publisher: Interactive Productline
Platforms: Windows & Mac OS X (on Steam)
Release Date: 11th July 2018

A new tool to e-sport, to schools – to everyone

“Mindball Play offers a unique combination of focus training while playing an entertaining game. The training, the feedback from it and the transfer of the improved focus skills to other areas such as an e-sporters own game, is very exciting!” Says Bitte Hanell, CEO Interactive Productline.

“Mindball has the potential to become a real game changer for kids’ performance in the class room as well as focus training for e-sport professionals.”
Says Lotta Nordeng, head of Communications at LBS, AcadeMedia (e-sport educations).

A game for everyone

You can also play Mindball Play with Tobii Eye Tracker, with the input from a mouse, a keyboard or a gamepad  – or in combination, including combinations with the brain sensing headband.
Mindball Play is an inclusive game in which you can play together with friends and family – regardless of the other players choice of input.

”It kept me engaged, is exciting, great visuals and love the music.” –

”A very groovy game! I had a ball of a time!”

About the Developer

Interactive Productline, founded 2002, has always created games which you can control with your brain waves. The games has been sold to science centers all over the world, to PR Companies and the likes of Coca Cola, Nike and the US Military Academy. Now the company move their focus 😊 to the consumer market, making Mindball available to everyone.

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Bitte Hanell, CEO,

+46 709 820024

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