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Mentalytics is a Swedish company founded in 2002 under the name Interactive Productline. We took the challenge of bringing a brain reading technology to the commercial market developing the interactive table game Mindball Game. The game where you move a physical ball on a tabletop with your brain waves only. The most focused persons win. Mindball Game has been sold ever since and is still selling. Some of our first customers buy their second or even third Mindball Game.

Over the years we developed several products, thus meeting the requests from our markets. A few years ago, we started to develop Mindball Play; a software version of Mindball Game. The product is somewhat a game changer for the company. Not only is it sold to the same markets as for Mindball Game, but it is also the backbone component of our new product offering to new markets such as esports, manufacturing companies and schools for long term serious training of focus.


Mindball Game

Mindball Game is a game that goes against the conventional competitive concept, instead of activity and adrenaline it is focus and a calm state of mind that marks the truly successful Mindball Game player. Mindball Game is contained in a table. On the table top a ball is moving back and forth during the game.The players wear headbands with electrodes which are connected to the table.

Mindball Game uses EEG technology, which allows players to interact with the game by reaching a focused and calm state of mind. The goal is to be more focused and to some extent relaxed than your opponent and thus move a physical ball away from you into your opponent’s goal. The game is as spectacular to watch as it is to play. The audience follow the ball on the table, the players’ expression and posture and the graphics showing the output from the players’ brains on a screen.

The accessory Mindball Multiplayer is a true team building tool since you never know who’s good or bad in the team; it’s the team’s collective effort that determines the outcome.


Developer: Mentalytics AB
Producer: Högbloms Legomontage, Sweden
First Mindball Game delivered May 2003

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Mindball Play

Mindball Play

Mindball Play comprises a software and two headbands. The software is a racing game with an abundance of different tracks. The better you focus the smarter and faster your ball will reach the goal. The headbands read the players’ brain waves and transfers the data to the PC via Bluetooth.


Developer and publisher: Mentalytics
Platform: Windows 10
Release Date: 11th July 2018

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Mentalytics is our new product offering that makes focus training available for each and everyone.

Focus Mentalytics have the potential to become real game changers for current and future esports athletes. Personally, I wish that I had this type of training available when I was active,” says Tommy Ingemarsson.

I have completed the platform’s 30-day training program and it has really made a difference in my ability to understand my focus. I can now turn it on in a more deliberate way than before. I’m looking forward to helping bring Focus Mentalytics to the esports market,” says William “draken” Sundin.

Focus Mentalytics provides immediate nonverbal feedback to the trainee on his/hers  actual well-being, what works and what could be changed. So simple and straightforward for desired result improvement”, says Marek Kozárik, Shift Leader Assembly Kia Slovakia s.r.o.

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Developer and publisher: Mentalytics AB
Platforms: Windows 10 & mobile (2022)


Bitte Hanell, Account Manager Mindball

Mobile +46 (0)709 82 00 24